You know, I’m not sure why I still ride horses.   I surely do love the animals themselves, and I could not bear the thought of not spending time with them.  However, I do not like the extra pains my body goes through after I dismount.   The other problem is having a certain amount of fear spoiling a lovely ride.  Every time the horse startles, or trips, or looks askance at an object, my heart does an extra beat.  I know he must feel that anxiety, and perhaps that’s why he’s not so perfect when I spend time on his back.  Then again, how am I to move forward with my life and the fact that I am no longer youthful?  Of course, I must still continue riding, and take the chance that a fall might occur.  I can only assume the fall will be “gentle” and no bones will be broken; I cannot worry about this happening.  I have this lovely Paint gelding that is a dream to work with on the ground.  I have absolutely no nervous demeanor when I am with this big black and white horse, working the lunge line or lead line.  But, and that’s a big but, I can’t seem to totally get rid of the nerves when I am mounted.   Being stubborn, as I am, I will overcome this and enjoy riding — especially this Fall with the beautiful colors and pleasant temperatures.

Published by mjm1942

I have aged. Of course. I was born in Trenton, NJ in 1942. I now live in Kentucky. It's 2021. My marriage has lasted 58 years, and I still love the man. My three children live far from us, and I miss them; however, it's fine with just him and me. We are best friends. I love my dogs, past and present, and my horse. I have failed as a professional writer, but I still dabble now and then. I have always been restless; perhaps because I have moved so many times in my life. I feel like something is waiting to happen around the corner. I graduated from Salem College at 55 years of age. I am a woman.

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