Water, Wine and Patios

At this moment I am sitting on a metal and mesh chair on my patio. The bird feeder is about 20 feet away and I am enjoying viewing the gold finches, chickadees and mourning doves. Soon the cardinals with their brilliant red feathers will visit my feeder, along with the Downey woodpecker that likes my suet block. I am drinking my evening glass of water, which will soon be traded for the boxed Pinot noir. I had to come outside to avoid the national news my husband has on the television. Same old news, night after night. People dying, people protesting, people shopping for “essentials,” such as the meat they are sure will no longer be available.

I’d rather listen to the lovely song of the wren sitting in the pine tree. She has no agenda other than to entertain other birds, and me. My two dogs are lying at my feed, although Chloe, the Corgi mix, likes to jump up and pretend growl every time she hears or sees a bird or shadow nearby. It’s quite okay with me, because she’s sweet and adorable.

It is a beautiful evening here in northern Kentucky, azure blue sky and a few fluffy cumulus clouds drifting by. A slight breeze moves the pansies and million bells hanging nearby. All so peaceful while turmoil takes place throughout my country. I am saddened by the covid virus and it’s impact on the lives of people all over the world. It seems that my countrymen are self-absorbed and believe they are the only people who have suffered and must contend with this virus. My countrymen are showing their lack of concern of what is evolving throughout this earthly planet. Somehow we Americans have forgotten that we share this planet with others and we have become totally absorbed with ourselves, our own selfish trials. Perhaps that is human nature, but I find it hard to comprehend that so little thought has been given to what our behavior causes to humanity on a whole.

The little reddish brown wren is singing loudly right now, breaking into my thoughts. An annoying gnat is also interrupting my tirade against my fellow man. This is good, because it’s time for me to pour that glass of wine and begin to relish this gorgeous evening and mull over the positive things surrounding me. I really don’t hate human beings, I just wish they were more like these beautiful birds: full of song and harmony and a simple love of life.

And now a sip of this tasty red wine and peace.

Published by mjm1942

I have aged. Of course. I was born in Trenton, NJ in 1942. I now live in Kentucky. It's 2021. My marriage has lasted 58 years, and I still love the man. My three children live far from us, and I miss them; however, it's fine with just him and me. We are best friends. I love my dogs, past and present, and my horse. I have failed as a professional writer, but I still dabble now and then. I have always been restless; perhaps because I have moved so many times in my life. I feel like something is waiting to happen around the corner. I graduated from Salem College at 55 years of age. I am a woman.

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